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I consider myself a lucky girl because I have visited many European cities and I adore travelling. I started travelling when I was 6 years old, and at that time we used to travel only in Italy , but now we go around Europe. On our trips we have a very good time and in each place we go, we like visiting monuments, listening to local music, learning about the different cultures, and of course we love eating local food. If I could I would take at least 3 or 4 holidays a year ! I have been to many countries like France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands where I have visited their capitals and where I have learnt new interesting things. My favorite city that I have visited is Bordeaux, in France.
I like this City because it is modern and old at the same time. There are lots of interesting monuments, an old square with statues of important people from this city. Bordeaux is rich in medieval bells, in fact I call it the city of bells. In a place near Bordeaux we went to see the Dune of Pyla. It is the highest dune in Europe. It is around 100 meters high and 500 meters wide and 3km long , and it overlooks the Atlantic ocean, it is such an unusual thing to see in our continent. It gives you the feeling of being in Africa. Another nice city I have been to is Prague In the Czech Republic. It is a very old city, with a beautiful castle wonderfully illuminated at night, and it looks like a fairy tale city, but unfortunately it’s not very clean . We visited the clock tower famous for the procession of the apostles coming out from the clock face while the clock is ringing. The typical food of Prague is ham with lots of potatoes and onions and the typical drink is a kind of beer called “pivo”.

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