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During my acting career I have played different roles: once as a ghost, another time as a policewoman, then a maid, and even as a man . Recently, however, I have had another role within the group, that of a teacher: in fact on June 19, my colleagues and I, put on scene a play with children between 4 and 12 years of age. It was very tiring, but at the same time we all had great fun. Surely I’ll keep on practicing this activity because it makes me happy; besides my fiancé who shares with me the same passion) and I have intention to become theatrical directors in order to be able to personally take care of our shows. Theater is very important in the Italian culture, because Italians have an artistic soul and we are proud of it. In Italy there are many actors and actresses famous all over the world, such as Eleonora Duse, Vittorio De Sica, Nino Manfredi and many more, who have dedicated their entire lives entertaining people, and touring the world on stage. The genre that (I prefer is comedy; Artists like Eduardo De Filippo and Totò have acted in dialect, and have made it famous in the whole world, and I am very proud of this! I have been very lucky because I fell in love with acting when I was young.It would be great! Next year we will probably start going to evening classes to learn about directing and I hope that one day it may become a job, and it would also be great if I could combine my humanistic studies, with my great passion and, why not, even to teach at university “History of theater”

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