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The U.S.A. are union of fifty states, each of them represented by a star in the national flag called the “Stars and Stripes”. The thirteen stripes, instead, represent the original states that made the first nucleus of the U.S.A.
It stretch from the Atlantic Ocean on the east, to the Pacific Ocean on the west and from Canada on the north, to Mexico on the south.
From this Gulf Stream starts and reaches Europe and Great Britain.
On the west the coast are high and rocky, stretching to the north with the Peninsula of Alaska and to the south with the other Peninsula of California.
The eastern coasts are mainly low, starting from the estuary of the river St. Lawrence and going on with the well know cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta and ending on the south with the peninsula of Florida.
The chief river flowing into the Atlantic Ocean is St. Lawrence, which, plowing from lake Ontario form the astonishing Niagara Falls. The powerful mass of water eats away some 60 yards of the cocky height between the two lakes, every year.
As concerns the rivers, the Mississippi - Missouri and the Ohio flow into the Gulf of Mexico; the Yukon (Alaska), the Columbia, the Colorado, flow into the Pacific Ocean. The main lakes are all in the north. They’re: Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron, Eire, Ontario, also called Canadian Lakes. The great Salt Lake is situated on the west in the Rocky Mountains which are the most important and the tallest, and go from Canada to Mexico.
The climate is extremely varied, according to the latitude, from a site to the other.
The capital of the USA is Washington D.C., that is District of Columbia. The form of government is a democratic republic, whose President is elected by the people in general elections every four years.
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