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In 2010 I went to Berlin with my classmates for our school trip. The flight was quick and exciting, because it was the first time that I took the plane. After the arrival I realized that the weather was very cold, but luckily I brought with me some winter clothes. Later we arrived at Berlin House, a beautiful 4-star hotel. The rooms were spacious and comfortable, and the hotel had a sauna, a gym, a solarium and an indoor swimming pool. During the trip we visited many places. Alexanderplatz is the most important square of the city, with its shopping centers and it is considered the city centre of West Berlin. Brundeburg Gate is the most famous monument in Germany and finally Postdam, a city situated in the south west of Berlin, famous for its beautiful palace and park. The best moment we visited was the Berlin Wall, which divided the city in two parts for 28 years, from 1961 to 1990. Nowadays a part of the Wall is decorated with graffitis of famous artists. The East Side Gallery is a part of the wall, which contains graffitis representing freedom. My favorite graffiti is that an of old car that breaks through the wall. After 5 days the trip was over but we couldn’t leave Berlin because the Eyajfjoll, an Icelandic volcano, erupted and so a cloud of dust prevented our flight. Luckily we had taken on insurance so we moved to another hotel without paying. We visited all the places which were in our itinerary, so we didn’t have to wake up early and we had fun all night. A few days later the trip was really at the end and we decided to return by coach because we had to do the state exam. Now that I have experienced flying I can say that I prefer travelling by plane to travelling by coach. I love visiting foreign countries so I think that I will return to this fantastic city for many reasons. First of all Berlin is a modern city with an efficient subway and the roads aren’t busy because they are very large. Second reason there are many monuments and places to visit and finally its not an expensive city , only water costs a lot of money.
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