Lending a helping hand

Appunto di inglese Voluntary work in Africa these people’s experiences. Some people travel to distant countries in order to help people.
Emma Harvey, who is a doctor, wanted her travels to make a difference to people. That’s why she joined an organisation that sends people to work in developing countries. Emma was sent to Uganda for 18 months, where she gained practical experience in a hospital.
More importantly, however, Emma learned a whole new way of viewing life. “In the beginning it was extremely difficult for me to adapt to life in Uganda – seeing the extreme poverty, people suffering from tropical illnesses, as well as the orphans in the streets- it was quite a culture shock. But I soon began to value this way of life.” In fact, Emma now looks back on this experience as one of the best in her life. “The simple way of life without electricity, running water and other comforts made quite an impression on me. I realised how valuable everything in the Western world is – things that we take for granted.”
Esther and Matt Miller also worked in Uganda for a year- Esther as a nutritionist and Matt as a technician. Esther says they adapted well to life in Africa because they wanted to fit in and be accepted. “If you want your working experience to be meaningfull you have to integrate into your new culture and try to understand the mentality of the people. You shouldn’t judge everything by your cultural standards.”
Mozambique actionaid fighting poverty together: Sozinho was really alone in the world. After his parents died when he was four, he went to live with his elder sister. When life with his sister became unbearable, he decided to go and live on the streets. One day he saw a truck with two foreigners on board and decided to follow it. The decision to follow the vehicle probably saved Sozinho’s life. The child was admitted to hospital. He is now in an accommodation centre.
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