Ventilation is the process is hanging or circulating the air in a room often enough to keep it fresh.

Advantages of good ventilation.
1. Good ventilation makes the air in the room fresh for good health.

2. Movement of the air causes heat and perspiration to evaporate from the body. This keeps the body cool.

3. Good ventilation makes occupants of a room to feel comfortable.

4. Good ventilation prevents the spreading of infectious diseases such as cough.

5. People can sleep peacefully in a well ventilated airy room.

Types of Ventilation
There are two common types of ventilation:
1. Natural ventilation: This involves is the use of:
- doors and windows.
- chimney.
- perforated blocks or ventilation bricks and vents inserted into walls.

2. Artificial ventilation: This is achieved through the use of different types of fans and air conditioners.

Effects of Overcrowding

Overcrowding occurs when too many people sleep on the same room at the same time. It has the following bad effects:
1. The air in the room cannot circulate easily.

2. People in the room breathe on the air which others breathe out. Overcrowding is therefore unhealthy.

3. The overcrowded room is very warm.

4. Diseases can spread more easily from one person to another.

5. People in an overcrowded room sweat, feel hot and restless. They can develop headache.

6. Overcrowding leads to poor ventilation. It is therefore unhealthy.

7. Overcrowding can lead ti sleeplessness.

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