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What’s bullying?
Bullying is very common all over the world. Bulles hurt other people to get power and feel important. In Britain 450 000 school children every week are bullied. In fact, 6 out of 10 adults experienced bullying in their childhood, even successful people like David Beckham. Bullies use verbal insults or physical abuse. They try to upset people by picking on what makes them different. They may focose on someone for being tall, pretty, short, chubby, or good at schoolwork.

Are you being bullied?
Being Bullied can terrible stress. Victims can become frightened and don’t want to go to school. Their school work can suffer and they can get depressed. A bully might “acidentally” knock your books off your besk, or walk into you in the corridor. Kim says, “My rucksack was pulled off my back all the time. It was horrible.”

What can you do?
There are many ways to deal with bullying such as talking to an adult you trust. Sara says, “I was bullied. I refused to go to school, and I didn’t tell my mum why. You must tell someone. Don’t suffer in silente”. A good technique is to walk away and ignore bullies, or tell them firmly to go away. Be confident, and hold your head high so the bully doesn’t get a response. Use humour and laugh. They want you to be scared, not amused. Don’t respond with violence because you may get hurt, but think about doing a martial arts course.
This will give you confidence.

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