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Agrarian and Industrial Revolution

In the end of 18th century there were two important revolutions: The Agrarian and Industrial Revolution.
-Industrial Revolution

In this period there was a great increase of population, as a result there was a greater demand for clothes. This fact required a more efficient production. So were created new machinery for cloth-making ("spinning jenny" and "water frame"). These machines required the work of one person, while before more people were needed. The steam power wasn't sufficient for these machines, so new sources of energy were used (such as coal). In this way goods became cheaper.
There was development of transport: road became faster and travel became cheaper.
-Agrarian Revolution
The Agrarian revolution was connected to the Industrial revolution., infact both were characterized by technological inventions.
The Agrarian revolution had two forms:
1) the widespread enclosure of open fields and common land to make larger.
2) development of farming techniques.

Industrial society

The industrial cities were in the South. Little cities built near factories were called "mushroom towns". Children and women worked hard and they weren't paid, but they received only a place where sleep. This places were called "workhouses".
The condition was bad and the life expectancy was below twenty years.
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