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University: to go or not to go

My High school carrier is almost over and I have to decide what to do next. Looking for a job and continuing my studies? I think I will go to University at the end of High School. By going to University I will have the possibility to focus on the subjects that I like most, specializing myself for a certain category of jobs. In general, I think University gives you more possibilities for the future and also more choices. On the downside, university is quite expensive, and depending on the faculty you choose, taxes can become important. Well, of course my parents would help in this department, at least at the beginning and I count on paying them pack when I can and I view this as a sort of investment in the view of finding a high salary job at the end of my studying career. Besides, I think that University is also an experience worth leaving. Not only because by sitting oral exams and talking face to face with the professors can strengthen you up, but also for the life of the student in general. I will probably move in another city, renting a place and sharing it with people I don’t know. It will be my first opportunity to live on my own and take care of myself. It will be challenging, but also rewarding and will make me grow from many different points of view.
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