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When they met for the first time...

When they met for the first time, Christine knew immediately that they would be good friends. Nicola was simply clothed, her long hair in a pony-tail. She was pleasant and naturally funny. She didn't talk out of place and not very often, but when she did, she always had the right thing to say or the right joke to make. She was also always cheerful and helpful and, above all, she was easy-going and little demanding. When she sat at the desk next to Christine's there was immediately an understanding between the two of them, and a sort of unspoken complicity had in the moment begun. That had happened five years ago, on their first day of High School. Christine soon found out that also Nicola was into volleyball and they managed to play in the same team ever since, the one as a setter and the other one as an attacker. At school as in the team, they were always together and formed an unbreakable couple. They also studied often together, helping each other depending on the subjects they were more, or less, good at. Now that the High School was about to end, the two friends were facing the problem of their future choice. Unfortunately they were set to attend two different faculties at University. But they would still be living in the same city and playing in the same team and they trusted their friendship to be strong enough to survive that choice.
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