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Tourists should visit Bologna because it’s a very beautiful city. The city centre is famous for the arcades that run on the sides of all streets and permit you to walk around the city looking at the shops in all weather conditions. The two towers Asinelli, the highest one, and Garisenda, the bent one after a collapse of the ground below it, are the most important towers of the city which counts many more.
Not many people know that originally there were 5 high towers in the city centre, but only these two survived through the years. Another typical characteristic of Bologna are the red roofs which you can see from aerial postcards or from the top windows of some of the main buildings.
Also the food is great in Bologna which is well known for “Tortellini”, “Lasagna” and “Ragù Tagliatelle”. Tagliatelle is a kind of pasta similar to spaghetti, but is flat and wide and it spouses with Bolognese Ragù which is a several-hour boiled tomato sauce with mince meat, carrots and celery.
There isn’t much green in Bologna, but there are a few parks outside the old wall circle that was surrounding the city centre and of which now only the huge stony doors remain. The parks are well kept and full of people that play in the lawns, ride bicycles and chill out.
Bologna is also the town of the oldest University in Europe and it thrives with the life of the thousands of students that inhabit it. The night life in Bologna is thus alive and varied and many are the small pubs and underground discos that characterize the city centre.
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