Fashion victim is a term invented by the stylist Oscar de la Renta to indicate anyone buy fashionable clothes just to feel part of society and not because needs it. For this reason there are more and more poor people living in poverty and wealthy people who believe who knows who. Already as a small one begins to have very specific ideas on how to dress to match up with someone or something, but it's not clear that doing so only encourages the fashion market by weakening their self-esteem and confidence; furthermore it's understood that the man or woman is vulnerable and easy to handle but so shouldn't be. Everyone should feel free to be what is shouldn't be influenced by that or thosr around him because life is beautiful because it's varied. I'm not a fashion victim just because I like to show me the way I'm and I don't change just to please others because as they don't want to be criticized and then I think that beauty isn't exterior but above all interior. I love to wear comfortable clothes that reflects my weakness and my being weak woman, and when I can buy only clothing I are useful and possibly not cost too much. Then not all are fashionable" I'll leave fashion to those who can do without criticizing anyone, but with the knowledge that they are so because I love my body and I don't care I don't like other: everyone thinks all his life because we are all free to be and say what you want! But just know that clothes don't make a woman or a man, because it's the personality that counts and not the dress; so it's pointless to spend so much money to change fashion if you don't know to express their personality and confidence!

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