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Location: Off the north-west coast of the continent of Europe.

Area: 93,000 sq.miles (243-305, (England 130,395,Scotland 78,313,Wales 20,754,Northem Ireland 13,843).

Population:5 9,2 million, England 49,5, Scotland 5,1, Wales 2,9, Northen Ireland 1,7.

Capital: London (the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh,th capital of Wales is Cardiff and the capital of Northen Ireland is Belfast).


*England: London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol;
* Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen;
* Wales: Cardiff, Swansea, Newport; Northen
* Ireland: Belfast, Larne, Londonderry.

Spoken Languages: English (official), Gaelic, Welsh, Scottish.

Majior Religions:Protestantism,Roman Catholicism.

Monetary Unit: Pound Sterling;pence.

Governaments:Costitutional Monarchy.

Highest Mountains:
* Scotland: Ben Nevis
* Wales: Snowdon;
* England: Scafell Pike;
* Northen Ireland: Slieve Donard.

Longest Rivers: The Severn, which rises in central Wales and flows through Shrewbury, Worcester and Gloucester in England to the Bristol Channel; Thames.
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