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Glass is fragile and can break easily. It is a poor conductor of heat. It is therefore easily cracked by changes in temperature. This is because glass does not expand or contract uniformly. This sets up a strain in the glass which causes it to break easily.

Care of table glass ware (for example plates, drinking glasses, oven ware):
1. Protect the wares from striking on hard objects. This can cause chipping or breakage.

2. Prevent wares from sudden changes in temperature. Such temperature changes cause glass wares to crack or break. For instance:
- do not pour very hot water into a cold glass.
- do not pour very cold water into a hot glass for example a flask which has just been emptied of cold water.

3. Warm up cold containers such as glass cups, tea pots, before hot liquids are poured in them. This can be done by first rinsing the glass cup with little hot water.

4. Glass oven wares should not be put suddenly into a very hot oven. It should be allowed to warm up gradually.

5. Avoid scratching the surface of glass wares with abrasive or sharp objects.

6. Place a tissue paper or old newspaper between plates, tumblers and bowls when they are stored. This prevents breakage and scratching.

7. Line the sink with soft cloth or rubber mat when washing glasswares. This helps to reduce chipping and breakage of glass ware.

8. Do not place glass tumblers inside one another for storing or carrying. They may become stuck together.

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