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Finishing or ironing

Ironing is thr process of using a heated iron to remove wrinkles from clothes and fabrics.
It is best to iron laundered articles when they are slightly damp.
Airing: it's carried out after ironing, there is always a little steam left between the threads or fibres of the articles. This should be allowed to dry off by airing.
This could be done by putting out the article for a short time in the sun or hanging them briefly outside the wardrobe.
Folding and storage: after airing, clothes can be stored by either folding and putting into boxes, or hanging in a wardrobe.

Method in ironing articles

In different occasions people iron their clothes without any particular observation or rules to follow while others adapt to what they were told or to what they saw others do.
1) prepare the article to be ironed by dampening it. Roll tightly and leave for some time.
2) clean the iron. Heat it and test to make sure that it is not too hot for the clothes to be ironed.
3) iron double parts and gems on the wrong side.
4) iron small parts such as collars, pockets, cuff, etc.
5) to iron the rest of the article, start from the part farthest from you. Roll away the part that has been ironed.
6) iron the article until it is completely dry.
7) air thoroughly and store properly.
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