There are two types of garden commonly cultivated around a home surrounding. These are good garden and decorative garden. Each has its own uses. The cultivation is both types of garden has some advantages and requires special types of tools.

Advantages of home gardening
1. Vegetables can be harvested when required.
2. Vegetables are used fresh.
3. It is cheaper to grow one's own vegetables.
4. Money can be made from flowers and vegetables from the home garden.
5. Flower or decorative gardens can be used to beautify the home surroundings.
6. Home gardening can also be an interesting hobby.

Guidelines or rules for home gardening
1) plan the garden properly, so that the home surrounding is not disorganized.

2) decide on the type is vegetables or flowers to grow.

3) find out the quality of soul you have. Some vegetables require special types of soil.

4) enrich your soul with good manures or the right fertilizers.

5) have good tools for gardening.

6) consider possible ways of dealing with pests which may attack the vegetables.

7) ensure that there will be good sunlight for plants. Plants need sunlight to make their food.

8) ensure a good supple of water for use during dry season of possible.

9) buy or choose good or viable seeds, seedings or cutting for planting.

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