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Undergroundn - Useful information

Buying tickets:
The tube has ticket zones with different fares. You can buy different sorts of tickets e.g a single, a return, a one day or weekend Travelcard. In the ticket hall there is a ticket office but the most people use the tickets machines. You can pay with coins, notes, or credit cards.

Finding your way around:
Station signs tell you the direction of the trains. Before you start, look at the map and check if your traini s Northbound, Southbound, Eastbound or Westbound. Also check the last station on your line – this is its destination.

Gettino to the platform:
On the escalator people stand on the right. People walk up on the left side. Smoking isn’t allowed in Tube stations.

On the platform:
On the platform stand behind the yellow lines. Look at the displays for the next train and its destination. Don’t go onto the railway line for any reason as the rail is electrified. The announcement ‘Mind the gap’ warns people when they get on and get off the train. There is often a gap between the train and platform.

On the train:
The announcement ‘Stand clear of the doors’ means the doors are about to close. Londoners usually read on the tube or talk quietly. They don’t make much eye contact or start conversation. Loud music isn’t very popular.

Leaving the station:
There are no bitter bins on Tube stations, so take bitter with you. You need your ticket to get through the barriers, so have it ready.

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