Attitude - Before Cooking

There are certain things one must respect before cooking, in other words one must stick to a precise attitude (or rules) to keep hygiene.
• Make yourself clean and ready for the work by doing the following:
- tie your hair with clean scarf.
- wear s clean apron.
- wish your hands thoroughly.
- if you have a sore finger, wrap up with water-proof plaster.
- if you have to visit the toilet while cooking, scrub your hands very well before touching food.
- avoid sneezing into food. Sneeze away from food.
• Cook by the best method in order to have maximum retention of food nutrients. Cooking methods include:
- boiling for example cooking food in boiling water like rice, meat etc.
- stewing for example cooking food slowly or at low heat in a small quantity of water (soup for instance).
- stemming for example cooking food in the steam from boiling water.

- frying for example cooking food in hot oil or fat like potatoe chips, meat, fish etc.

• Get the food out just before serving it. For instance the meat for dinner should not be left exposed for long period on the kitchen table.
• Avoid accidents by adapting safety procedures in the kitchen.
• Keep the work area tidy, wrap up any rubbish in waste paper and throw away straight into the dust bin.
• put ingredients and cooking utensils away properly after cooking.
• If you spill any liquid in the working surface wipe it off.
• Tidy up the kitchen after cooking.

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