There are different points to consider when a homemaker wants to prepare a simple meal for the family. It is recommended to take under strict consideration certain incisive factors like the health of the people that are going to consume the meal, the percentages of vitamins and general nutrients that would still remain in the food without considering only the amount of money spent.

1. Type of food being cooked: Various foods require different methods of cooking for example cakes are baked while bean pudding is steamed.

2. Loss of nutrients: Some nutrients are lost by certain methods of cooking. For instance water soluble vitamins in foods will be lost if the foods are boiled and the cooking water is discarded.

3. Facilities available: For instance an oven is required for baking.

4. Age and health of persons to eat the foods: For instance children and sick persons need foods to be cooked by the most easily digested methods such as steaming or boiling.

5. Time available: Some methods requires longer time and attention than others.

Preparation of simple meal
- Egg custard (This can be steamed or baked). To prepare this you need:
1/4 litre of milk
1 egg
1 table-spoon of sugar
Vanilla essence ( optional, if desired).

1. Put the sugar into a mixing bowl.
2. Break the egg into the bowl.
3. Add milk and vanilla essence slowly, and whisk.
4. Pour into a greased pyrex dish or any other container suitable for steaming.
5. Place in a steamer.
6. Steam for about 30 minutes or until the custard is set.
7. It is likely to be served when the meal is still hot.

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