A beverage is a liquid for drinking. It can be served cold or hot. Beverages are useful for the following reasons:
- refreshment and quenching the thirst for example fruit juice, mineral waters such as Coke, Fanta etc.
- stimulating the body in cold weather for example coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks.
- nourishing the body for example milk, drinks, egg flip.


Coffee is a breakfast beverage for many people. It contains caffeine which acts as a mild stimulant to the heart and nerves. It is not harmful to normal adult if taken in moderate quantities. But young people do not need stimulants. Coffee has no food value, it is therefore wise to drink it with milk. It should be stored in tightly covered container to preserve flavour.

Preparation of instant coffee (1 cup)

You need 1 to ½ teaspoon of instant coffee powder.
1 cup of boiling water
Milk (as desired)
Sugar (as desired)
Put the coffee powder into a cup; add boiling water; add hot milk; add sugar to taste, stir and serve.


Tea like coffee contains caffeine and has no food value. It is a mild stimulating drink. There are different kinds of tea. These may differ in flavour and aroma. They are also sold in different forms for example instant tea which is easy to prepare and tea leaves in packets. Always buy in small quantities and store in tightly covered containers to preserve flavour and aroma.

Method of preparation

1 teabag ( 1 tea spoonful of tea leaves can be used)
Boiling water
Milk (as desired)
Sugar (as desired)
-Boil clean water.
-Raise the temperature of the teapot by rinsing it with hot water and empty.
-Put one teabag for each person in the teapot.
-Add enough boiling water foe the tea.
- Leave to infuse for at least 3 minutes; pour into tea cups.
For tea leaves: leave in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain the tea through a clean strainer and later serve with milk and sugar to taste.

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