The Kitchen is the centre for food storage, preparation, cooking and service in the home. The type of care given to the kitchen can affect the health of family members. It is therefore necessary to take good care of the kitchen. There are various uses that we make with the kitchen and its simple equipments.

Care of the kitchen

Both traditional and modern kitchens require good care. Dirty kitchen attract disease carrying flies.

Care of traditional kitchen

Daily cleaning
1. Sweep down soot and cobwebs from ceiling and wall.

2. Clean the fire place, remove the previous day's ash. Dispose properly.

3. Sprinkle water lightly on the floor to keep down dust.

4. Sweep the floor thoroughly reaching all corners.

5. Arrange the utensils and fireplace neatly.
6. Empty the dust bin.

Weekly cleaning
1. Take the cooking utensils out and clean each thoroughly.

2. Sweep down the ceiling, walks and doors.

3. Clean the fire place.

4. Clean the floor and scrub the dust bin or clean any container for refuse.

5. Clean the drains and disinfect them.


Boys and girls need to learn how to dress their bed each time they wake up; usually the parents are the ones "specialised" in this area but bed-making is useful especially for future purposes.

Materials required for bed making

1. The bed and mattress.
2. Two bed sheets (the bottom and top sheets).
3. A pillow and pillow case ( more pillows can be used).
4. One bedcover, one counter pane and a bedspread.
5. One blanket ; underlay (material to be placed directly on the floor of the bed before the mattress.

Bed making procedure:
1. Stripe the bed by removing all the bed beddings.
2. Place the underlay.
3. Shake the mattress and place it over the underlay.
4. Spread the first or bottom sheet with the right side up and the wider hem at the head of the bed.
5. Work the corners or mitre them so that sheet fits smoothly around the mattress, making a triangle.
6. Tuck the sheet tightly between the mattress and the floor of the bed, pulling firmly.
7. Place the top sheet with the wrong side up and the right side against the bed; and the narrow hem at the foot of the bed.
8. Spread the blanket over the sheet.
9. Turn the sheet over the blanket and tuck the top sheet and blanket all around.
10. Shake the pillows. Put them in their cases. Place at the head end of the bed.
11. Spread the bedcover, counter pane, bedspread smoothly over the bed.
12. The foot end of the cover may or may not be tucked in. The sides are usually allowed to hang free.

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