Wood is got from trees. Different types of tress give different qualities of wood. Wood is used for various purposes. It is one of the most common material used in the home. It is very important to take good care of wood in the home. The type of care give to any wooden article or surface in the home depends on the type of finish given to the article.

There are generally two classes of wood namely:
1) Hardwood: This is heavy and often dark coloured. Example of hardwood are Iroko, Afara, Oak, Abura, Mahogany, Opepe, etc. they are strong. They are used for building houses, boats, canoes, high quality furniture and cooking utensils. Hardwood trees grow in both tropical and temperate areas of the world. They grow well especially in African countries.

2) Softwood: This is lighter and not as strong as the hardwood. They are found in different parts is the world. They are however more common in cold regions of the world. Examples is softwood are pines, fir, etc. softwood is useful in the paper industry.

Seasoning Of Wood
Wood contains as great deal of water. This water must be removed before the wood is used, by a process known as "seasoning". Seasoning is therefore the process of removing moisture from wood by drying. If wood is not seasoned, the furniture made out of it can easily wrap and twist out of shape and become shabby.

Grain of the wood
Grain of wood is the natural markings that appear on the wood as dealings or patterns.

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