Bathing and Clothing the baby

The baby's skin is delicate. It should not be allowed to get dirty. It is therefore important to give the baby regular bath.
Materials needed for baby's bath:
1. Baby's bath tub. This can be plastic or enamel.
2. Large soft towel for covering the body.
3. Small towel for frying the baby's skin.
4. Face towel, soft sponge, baby's comb and brush.
5. Baby's oil, cream or lotion, and powder.
6. Napkins, napkin pins and plastic pants.
7. Clean clothes for dressing baby after bath.

- shut door and window if necessary to keep out droughts. Get everything needed for baby's bath ready and within easy reach.
- prepare yourself by washing your hands, removing bangles, rings or anything that can injure the baby, put on protective clothing.
- prepare the bath water. Test the temperature with your elbow.
- undress the baby; clean the baby's face, then his head and dry with far towel.

- wash over the entire body gently. Reach all body folds for example neck, grain.
- dry baby gently with small dry towel by patting. Do not rub.
- put a few drops of oil or lotion in your hand and gently rub it on the baby's body. Powder can be applied especially in hot weather.
- dress baby up quickly to prevent from catching cold. Put on his vest, napkin, then pant, gown etc.

Clothing the baby is very important. The baby requires good clothes for protection, warmth, comfort and good appearance.

Points to consider when providing clothes for babies:
- fabric for baby's clothes should be soft, non-inflammable and washable.
- fabric should not irritate baby's delicate skin. Suitable fabrics include cotton, flannelette, towelling, cotton or polyester blends, etc.
- baby's clothes should be easy to put on and take off.
- fastenings that can injure the baby should be avoided.
- elastic bindings should be avoided.
- flat seams such as French or flat-fell or run-and-fell seams should be used for baby's clothes.
- water-proof pants should be loose, to encourage air circulation.
- baby's clothes should be selected on basis of the weather conditions.
- baby's clothes should be attractive.

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