Kitchen Linen

Kitchen linen is made up of the different cloths used in the kitchen for various purposes. They are very important for keeping the kitchen tidy. They should be kept very clean always.

Kitchen linen includes the following:
- Hand towels: These are used for wiping and drying hands.

- Oven gloves or cloths: These are often padded and used for taking out hot pans and dishes from the oven or top of the cooker.

- Dish cloth: These are lintless or non-fluffy clothes used for:
• wiping off spills on the kitchen surfaces.
• wiping washed surfaces or equipment such as sinks, tables and work areas.

- Glass cloth: This is also lintless and is used for wiping washed glassware for example tumblers and dishes.

- Tea towels: Used for
• blotting off water or moisture from vegetables and fruits.
• wiping glassware, crockery and cutlery.

- Muslin: This is w light loosely woven fabric used for:

• straining during food preparation for example in the preparation of starch or coconut milk or soya bean milk.
• covering food.

- Floor cloth: This is a coarse absorbent fabric used for mopping the floor or wiping off spills.

Care of kitchen linen

1. Wash each kitchen linen after each use.
2. Remove any special stains appropriately.
3. Dry the linen in the sun is possible.
4. Iron the linen and store linen properly.
5. Provide a suitable space for the storage of kitchen linen.
6. Replace each kitchen linen when it is badly worn out.

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