The Sitting Room

The sitting room is a functional part of the home. It is where the family members relax, receive and entertain visitors. The dining room is often part of the sitting room in some homes. In others it can be a separate room. It is functioning area where the family
members eat their meals. The sitting and dining rooms should always be kept clean and beautiful. It is important that you know hot to do this.

The sitting room: the pieces of furniture found in the sitting room include:
1. A set of settee or chairs. These are available in different shapes, sizes and forms.
2. A coffee or centre table.
3. A set of side stools.
4. Wall cabinet or room divider, book shelf.
5. Optional items include television, radio etc. These are not pieces of furniture.

The sitting room also requires floor coverings, curtains and other decoration accessories.

Guidelines for arranging furniture in the sitting and dining rooms.

1. Arrange furniture for easy movement or flow of traffic in the room.

2. Distribute the pieces of furniture evenly in the room.

3. Place the largest pieces of furniture on the largest wall space or expanse.

4. Balance pieces of furniture on opposite walls.

It is important to understand that there are different method of taking care of the sitting rooms: daily and weekly care.

Daily care of sitting room

1) Open the doors and windows to air the room.
2) Empty the water paper basket and ash tray.
3) Sweep the floor. Reach under all pieces of furniture.
4) Dust all surfaces, doors, windows, ornaments and furniture.
5) Tidy up the cushions and arrange arm and head-rests on the chairs.
6) Arrange furniture, newspapers, magazines and other items properly.
7) Put fresh flowers in the vase if necessary.

Weekly cleaning of the sitting room

1) Open the doors and windows to air the room.
2) Remove curtains, table-cloths and cushion covers. Wash them if they are dirty. Otherwise air them properly.
3) Take all small pieces of furniture outside, clean each according to type.
4) Take out the floor covering for example mat, carpets or rug if possible. Remove as much dust as possible or clean according to type. Leave in the sun.
5) Remove large pieces of furniture from the wall.
6) Sweep down the ceiling, walls, doors and windows, to remove dust and cobwebs. Pay attention to the ceiling fan and lamp shades.
7) Remove and clean all pictures and wall ornaments.
8) Clean the windows according to type.
9) Clean and polish large pieces of furniture in the room, including the bookshelf. Remove the books, dust and replace them neatly.

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