Floor coverings are special materials used for covering the floor. There are different types of floor coverings such as mats, linoleum, carpets and rugs.

Uses of floor coverings:
1. They are used as decoration for the room.
2. They make a room warm and comfortable.
3. They reduce noise from shoes.
4. They protect the floor.
5. They can be used to cover poorly finished floors.

Important points on care if the carpet and rugs:
- prevent people from walking on the carpets or rugs with dirty shoes. Provide a good foot mat.
- from time to time remove the carpet round in the room so as to rotate the positions is its sides. This makes for even wearing of carpet.
- look out for signs of wear and tear at the edges and seam of carpet. Mend any tear promptly.
- do not drag heavy furniture over carpets. Lift the furniture up.


Different types of mats abound in different parts of African countries. They can be made from various types of locally available materials such as raffia, coconut leaves, Palm fibre and other suitable leaves. There are also plastic mats.

Advantages of mats:
1) they are light.
2) they are cheap.
3) they can beads on attractive patterns.

1) some are not durable.
2) they often have loose weave. Therefore dirt filters through the matting to the floor below.

Care of mats
Daily cleaning:
- clean the May every day by sweeping with a soft brush or broom.
- roll mats. Do not fold them. Folding causes mats to crack.

Weekly cleaning:
1) take the mat outside and shake thoroughly to remove dust.
2) mend only worn or frayed edges.
3) spread on a flat surface and wipe over with a little warm soapy water using a clean lintless cloth.
4) di kit soak the mat. Use a little water as possible.
5) rinse by rubbing over with clean cloth wrung out in clean warm water.
6) dry with a clean dry cloth. Finish drying by leaving the mat in a warm airy place.
7) plastic mat can be washed or scrubbed if necessary.

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