The floor is an important surface in the home. Floors are normally finished with different types of materials. The floors can also be covered wig special materials generally known as floor coverings.
As part of your home-making activities you should be able to take good care of different types of floors and floor coverings.

Terrazzo is made from marble ships set in coloured cement.

Advantages of terrazzo floor:
1) it is easy to clean.
2) it is strong and hard wearing.
3) it is suitable for all rooms in a house, especially toilets, bathrooms, kitchen and hall-way that receive a lot of impact.
4) it has attractive appearance.

Disadvantages of terrazzo floor:
1) it is expensive.
2) it requires specially trained manpower for construction.

Cleaning of terrazzo floor
Daily cleaning:
- sweep with broom or brush to remove surface dust.

Weekly cleaning:
- sweep the floor.
- scrub with warn detergent water and a floor brush.

- rinse thoroughly and dry with clean mop.

Marble Floor
It looks like terrazzo floor. It however has a smoother and more expensive appearance than terrazzo.

Advantages of Marble floor:
- it is hard.
- it is long lasting and durable.
- it can takes high polish.
- it looks very beautiful if well maintained.

Disadvantages of marble floor:
- it is very expensive.
- it can become slippery when wet.
- it requires specially skilled manpower for construction.

Cleaning unpolished marble floor
Daily cleaning:
- sweep with soft broom or brush.
- dust with a soft cloth.

Weekly cleaning:
- sweep the floor.
- scrub with non-abrasive material and soapy water.
- rinse thoroughly and dry wig lintless clean cloth.

Cleaning polished marble floor
Daily cleaning:
- dust with a soft cloth to remove surface dust.

Weekly cleaning:
- remove surface dust.
- clean with damp clean lintless cloth wrung out in soap solution. Do not use synthetic detergent.
- use alcohol or acetone or any dry cleaning fluid to remove any stains.

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