Types of Glasses

There are different types of glasses. These are made by varying ingredients and methods of production:
1) Flat glass: This is used for windows, shelves, mirrors, etc. it is made from soda line glass. It is of two types: The "sheet glass" and the "float glass". There is also "plate glass"

2) Obscured glass: This is made from sheet or float glass. It often has a pattern on one side. It is useful in places where light, but not transparency is required for example bathrooms.

3) Cut glass: This is bright, shiny and transparent. It is commonly used for making tumblers and flowers vases.

4) Hollow glassware: This is produced by blowing, moulding and pressing sheet glass.

Glass objects use in the home
1. Table glassware: this includes drinking glasses or tumbler, glass water jugs and other glass table ware such as plates, cruet, etc.

2. Glass ovenware: this includes glass wares that can be used in the oven for baking. They can stand high temperatures. They can be used to serve food on the table.

3. Glass bottles and vases: the bottles are useful as containers and vase are for flowers.

4. Mirrors: these are made by treating or coating one surface of plate glass with silvering preparation such as silver nitrate.

5. Window panes (louvres), door panels, glass furniture and decorative accessories: when used for doors and windows , glass allows natural day light to enter a house.

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