Pubs : in a pubs you can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks , in particular beer. Pubs are more informal and sometimes have a pool rooms. Often are open during the day and always are open at night .

Cocktail bars : They are specialises in cocktails. The drinks are composed by different spirits and fruit juice ao cream. Usually are open at the same times as pubs, but are sophisticated and expensive and have a cheap happy hour at about the time people finish work in the evening .
Happy hour offering cut-price drinks for an a hour usually between six and seven p.m.

Coffee bars : in a coffee bars you can buy coffees and non-alcoholic drinks and light food such as sandwiches ,nuts , small pizza and cakes. The atmosphere is friendly , isn't expensive and open during the day .

Snack bar : is a restaurant inexpensive where you can find non- alcoholic drinks and small meals .

Lounge bars : called saloon bar , are pubblic rooms you may find alcoholicdrinks and is generally luxurious and expensive .

Wine bars : are sophisticated and expensive , you can taste different types of wine.

Night clubs : you can find live music , you can dance and the atmosphere is very exciting . you can find alcoholic drinks and are open at night .

these are the main differences of the various types of bar
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