Video appunto: Types of facings

Types of facings

1. Straight facing: This is used on straight hems or front of button-through skirts.
- cut the facing on the straight or cross grain. Ensure that it is as long as the edge to be faced with turnings.
- place right sides together, pin and tack facing to garment.
- sew along the seam line.
Remove tacking. Trim seams.
- turn facing to wrong side, roll the seamed edge between thumbs and fingers.
- edge: stitch the raw edge of the facings.
- tack and press flat the facing.
- stitch facing down on wrong side.

2. Shaped facing: This is commonly used for armholes of sleeveless garments and necklines of collarless garments. They are separate pattern pieces normally attached after the garment is made up and the opening completed.

Procedure for attaching shaped facing:
1. Prepare the facing as follows:
- stitch the parts together, using open seam.
- press each seam open.
- finish the edge of the facing. Use edge-stitching.

2. Place the right side of the facing di the sight side is garment. Match notches.

3. Pin and tack facing to position.

4. Back-stitch or machine on the seam line maintaining the exact shape of edge.

5. Remove basting and trim turning.

6. Snip into corners.

7. Press turning upwards, towards free edge of facing.

8. With the facing lying flat, machine or backstitch close to the seam-line. Sew through all the layers.

9. Turn the facing into the wrong side of the garment and press the edge.

10. Stitch down the neatened free edge of the facing at the seams.