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Tray Service

A tray is basically a shallow platform designed for carrying things, it can be fashioned from numerous materials used for making cooking utensils.
Tray service is a method of serving or presenting meals in a tray. It is not often suitable for all meals.
It is useful for serving:
1. Tea or other types of drinks.

2. The sick or any person in bed, for example breakfast in bed.
3. Snacks.
4. A quick meal for one or two persons.

Procedure for tray service:
1. Clean the tray and wipe it dry.
2. Place a clean cover on the tray.
3. Place the tea-cups and saucers, teaspoons, milk jug, sugar and tongs, cake or other snacks etc.

Advantages of tray service:
1. It is simple, easygoing and fast to serve.
2. It is suitable for beverages and snacks.
3. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.
4. It is suitable where there is little space such as in one-room apartment.

Disadvantage of tray service
1. It cannot be used for three-course meal.
2. It cannot be used to serve many people at a time.

Good food is important for good health. There's a need to learn the meaning and importance of meal planning. You also have to take in consideration the guidelines regarding meal planning.
It is expected that people should have planned simple balanced meals. It is important that you know not to cook and serve simple meals as well.