Tools for gardening

There are different tools or instruments necessary for a gardener to carry out his or her work successfully and these are indispensable; they are used for cutting, levelling, gathering waste etc

Tools necessary for gardening include:
1. Garden or digging forks: These are available in different sizes. Thy are used for digging and turning the soil.

2. Spade: This is used for digging and turning the soil.

3. Rake: This is used for:
- gathering up and removing weeds and rubbish before making garden beds.
- raking or preparing the soil before planting.

4. Hoes: These come in different shapes and sizes. They can be used for:
- stirring and taking up the soil.
- weeding the garden.

5. Hand Trowel: This is used for digging up seedings for transplanting.

6. Hand fork: This is used for stirring or loosening the soil before transplanting seedlings.

7. Cutting tools: These include cutlass, secateurs, sharp knives, scissors, grass mowers, etc.

8. Watering can: This is used for watering the garden.

Care of garden tools:
1) Provide a suitable space for storing garden tools.

2) Use each garden tool properly.

3) Clean and dry each tool properly after each use.

4) Oil those tools which may rust (for example spades, garden forks) lightly before storage.

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