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Decorative garden cultivation

Decorative garden are generally used to beautify the home surroundings. They can also be raise for sale. The procedures for cultivation is decorative gardens are the same as those of the food garden. The beds however have to be planned differently to suit the surrounding that is being decorated.

Flowers can also be grin from seeds and/or stems. Flowers can also be grown in pots. Examples of fliers for decorative gardens include: rose, hibiscus, harmattan lilies, zinnia, croton, bougainvillea, bachelor's button, sunflower, morning glory, etc.

Care and maintenance of food or decorative gardens

1. Watering: Water the plants (vegetables and flowers) properly especially during the dry season. Use a good watering can if available. Watering should be done in the morning and evening but never under hit sunshine.

2. Weeding: Weed the garden regularly. Do not allow the weeds to compete with the plants for food, water and sun light.

3. Pesticides: Keep the garden free from insects and other pests.

4. Manuring: When the plants show sings of nutrient deficiency for example yellowing of leaves, apply manure or suitable fertilizer.

5. Harvest your vegetables when they are mature.

6. Trim flowers regularly. Do not allow them to become bushy.

7. Trim hedges regularly.
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