Soya-bean is an excellent source of protein. It van be eaten in different ways. It can also be made into s refreshing and nutritious drink. Soya bean milk can be taken alone or added to beverages such as tea, coffee, cocoa, etc.

Preparation of soya bean milk

1 cup of soya bean
2½ cups of clean warm water
Sugar to taste
Flavour (Any flavour to taste for example vanilla).
- pick the soya bean properly.
- wash and soak over night.
- wash the soya bean and remove the seed coats.
- grind the soya beans into smooth paste.
- add water and mix well
- strain through a clean strained then through a clean cloth.
- boil the milk for 15-20 minutes.
- add sugar and flavoring to taste then serve chilled.
The soya bean milk residue should not be thrown away. It can be used for food preparation.

Serving beverages and snacks

• snacks are usually foods which can be eaten with fingers. They may be served casually.

• always provide napkins or serviette for guests.
• handle hot beverages carefully. Cold ones are easy to serve.
• snacks can be passed round for people to pick and place into individual napkins or snack plates provided.
• snacks abs beverages can be served on individual tray.

Washing-up after meal preparation

After meal preparation and service, it is important to wash up utensils and put the kitchen in order. The following are headlines and procedures for washing up and putting the kitchen in order.
1) Get all the necessary materials ready and within easy reach.
Materials needed for washing up include:
-synthetic detergent or any suitable soap.
-a basin of warm water for washing.
-a second basin of water for rinsing.
-sponge or dish cloth
draining rack or basket with tray.
2) Scrape any pieces of food from the dirty dishes and rinse.
3) wipe any excess grease or oil with soft tissue paper.
4) Stack the dishes according to their sizes. Separate greasy dishes from the non-greasy ones.
5) Wash in hot soapy water, starting with the cleanest items such as glasses. Wash greasy items last. The water should be as hot as the hand can bear.
6) Rinse ever item well in clean water.
7) Stack the dishes in a rack and leave them to dry or dry dishes with clean lintless dish cloth.
8) Wash kitchen pans and other utensils. Rinse and dry them.
9) Put them away in their proper places; rinse the sink and wipe it dry.
10) Rinse the sink and wipe it dry.
11) wipe the table or counters and cooker used. Ensure that the kitchen looks neat and tidy.
12) Wash the dishcloth and put out to dry in the sun.

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