Cooking equipment

These are of different types. Some are used with dry ingredients and others are used with liquid ingredients. They include:
Strainers, sifters and sieves: made with fine or medium mesh. A sifter is more efficient for flour while a strainer may be used for other purposes.

Mixing bowls: they can be of glass, pottery, aluminum, enamel-ware, plastic or stainless steel.

Beaters or whiskers: these are of different types. They can be used to beat for example whip cream and other types of food.

Mixing spoons and forks: These can be metal ur wooden. Wooden mixing spoons are commonly used for mixing batter, rice, etc. There are many other types of spoons.

Rolling pins: These can be made of hardwood, glass or metal. They are used to reduce or level the thickness of dough.

Pastry brushes: These are used to brush fat or egg white over pastry surfaces.

Mortar and pestle: There are used for pounding food. They are also used for mixing.
There are also different types of boards:
Pastry boards and rolling pins are used for pastry.
Chopping boards are used for chopping meat and vegetables.
- Grinding stones: these are made up of a large thick smooth stone surface and a small one. They are used doe grinding ingredients such as pepper (in a traditional way).
- Electric mixers and blenders: these are electrically operated pieces of equipment. They are used for mixing and blending ingredients.

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