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David Jude Law (London, 29 December 1972) is a British actor.

Son of two teachers, Peter and Mays Law, has a greater sister, Natasha, illustrator. It has to the name to the famous protagonist of the story of Thomas Hardy, Judo the dark.

After to have recited in smaller roles for the British television, Law debuts in the cinema with Shopping (1994), in which performance also its future wife Sadie Frost. For a certain period the Frost and Law I am between the more important personality of the "group of Primrose Hill", formed from young British actors and that includes also Ewan McGregor.

Law and Sadie Frost have three sons in their marriage: Rafferty (been born in 1996), Iris (been born in 2000) and Rudy (been born in 2002). They divorce in 2003.

It seems confirmed the story between Judo Law and Natalie Portman actual conosciutisi on the set of Closer and soon still together in A romantic kiss of Wong Kar-Wai

November 17 2004, Jude Law comes elected from the reviewed People l'" living man sexier".

The remake of 2004 of the film Alfie is a flop to the stand-office, earning only the half of the costs, estimated to 60 millions of dollars, and is judged from a film magazine British one of the worse remake of all of the times. Some critics support that, even though Law is effective state in past in roles of I surround, its ability recitativa is too limited to support an entirely alone film.

Other its film in 2004, like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and the Heart Huckabees, I am also essi of the failures. Nevertheless, Law a good character actor is considered and interpretations of first level are recognized him, like an Olympic champion frustrated because compelled on a chair to rollers in Gattaca - The door of the universe (1997), an unlucky lover of Kevin Spacey in Midnight in the garden of the well and of the badly (1997), a sadistic gunman in Was my father (2003), and the role in The talent of Mr. Ripley (1999), that for first gave back it well-known and for that obtained a nomination to the like best Oscar actor not protagonist.

Jude Law gets engaged with Sienna Miller, its partner in the film Alfie. July 18 2005, Law publically has excused with her have had a connection with Daisy Wright, the babysitter of its sons, to New Orleans.

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