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Walter Bruce Willis (Idar-Oberstein, 19 March 1955) is an actor and film producer American.

Been born in a military base German, after to have beginner in the television series Moonlighting (1985-1989), became well-known I press the public at large above all like hero of action film, leaving from the serious Gods Hard (1988, 1990, 1995 and 2007).

At first he acted to the comedies, is itself however also shown to the height in alternate and dramatic roles, like of it The sixth sense. Bruce Willis is born like Walter Bruce Willison from David, mechanic, and Marlene, housewife of Kassel, Germany. They will be separated in 1971. Bruce is brother of Robert (1959-2001), David (today producer) and Flo. In 1957 the family go through the Atlantic and it is transferred in the New Jersey. Bruce attends the colleagues of Penns Grove, showing already a certain energetic character and extrovert (had been also president of the student advice), and in 1973 it is registered to the Separate Montclair Colleagues for study dramatic art. It has in fact uncovered that thanks to the performance it can defeat its problem of recurring stammer (for that came troublesomely nicknamed "Buck Buck"). It leaves however the colleagues for fall of interest.

Longing of to break through the cinema, the young Bruce begins to develop varied occupations, first like truck driver for the industry Du Pont, then like barkeeper for the Café Central, to Manhattan - is revealed unfit to do the waiter, so was put behind the case rack - and then employee to the public connections for the distilleries Seagram (then dismissed because arrested for driving under the influence). It works then like barkeeper in the Kamikaze Club of New York, where knows and lives together with the Tidy actress Florentine.

Of 1980 it is its first role in a film, with the apparition of it useless Crimes with Frank Sinatra. Trasferitosi to Los Angeles, participates besides to musical (replaces And Harris in Fool for love) and appears in Miami Deputy and To The boundaries of the reality and in the film The verdict (1982). In 1985 it comes refused in the provini for the film Cercasi Susan frantically with Madonna. It participates however to those for the role from masculine protagonist in the made-for-tv movie Moonlighting. It is the last arrived, and it is presented in overalls and uncultivated beard. Apparently neglected, it surprises however the producers and the actress protagonist, Cybill Shepherd, with its ease, its humour and its energy, and entrust him the part. The interpretation of the detective David Addison will be its first springboard of throw (will yield him a Golden Globes and an Emmy Awards).

November 21 1987 bride the actress Demos Moore, also she very blood and strong of character, from whose union three daughters will be born: Rumer Glenn (been born 16 August (1988), Scout LaRue 20 July (1991) and Attractive Tallulah February 3 (1994).Sempre in the same year interprets the film "Appointment in the dark" with Kim Basinger and John Larroquette for the teaching direction of Blake Edwards. The following year comes definitive consecrated thanks to the interpretation of the nice sbirro John McClane in Trap of crystal, the first film of the serious Gods Hard. Thanks to its verve, united to the good heart and to the strong physicist, it is affirmed definitive like large star of action film. Of now in then its reputation does not know obstacles, alternating different son-in-laws, large success to the ticket office together to some bad moves. In 2001 Willis it will declare of not to want more to interpret roles of action, then however denied, how it is seen in the following films.

With the friends Sylvester Stallion, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Whoopi Goldberg melt the chain of refreshing Planet Hollywood, and itself yourselves it it also capable discoverer of talents: is he recommend, between the other, Bonnie Bedelia for Gods Hard, Michael Clarke Duncan for The you improve green, Billy Bob Thornton and Matthew Perry. Fascinated of music blues and rock' n' roll, and player of harmonica, Willis melt an its band (Brown and the Acceleratos) and in 1987 carves its first disk, reinterpretando with fun and some enthusiasms pieces black, reaching also the top ten.

Its career of actor continues still today (turned the fourth episode of the saga of John McClane to distance of 19 years from the first one), but Willis be taken also to produce, to lap cartoons, and to promote charitable initiatives (above all on behalf of the children) and against the war. In 2001, for example, it gives a million of dollars to the soldiers that would have captured Saddam Hussein.
The true Bruce Willis, like person outside from the screen, is incredibly like to the David Addison of the made-for-tv movie Moonlighting: volcanic, always above the lines and ready to the joke. In the work he however it shows much reliability and professionalism, and often its character raging created some inconvenience during the production. It is besides protesting believer, and supports the republican party.

After the separation from Demos Moore October 18 2000 (the whose motive the couple never gave back known), Bruce is transferred in a ranch in Idaho, but continuous however to stay near her, to its novelty young companion, the actor Ashton Kutcher (with which seems to have established a large friendship) and above all to its three daughters, Rumer Glenn Willis (been born in 1988), Scout Willis (1994). Even if separated, Willis and Demos Moore prefer not to remove itself ecessively to guarantee the integrity of the offspring. They have reconciled that until they will not reach all the greater age, if want participate in some film like actresses have to be us at least one of the parents in the cast (like Hostage, where Bruce performs with Rumer).

It seems that still today Bruce is single, but in the years collected varied flirtation, among which the director of marketing Maria Bravo Rosado (in the period 1998-2000), more some models, pornostar and actresses (the most recent is Brooke Burns).
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