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Tim Burton[
Timothy William Burton (Burbank, 25 August 1958) is a producer and American scriptwriter, known for the creativity of its film, always of argument fiabesco-fantastic, and for his capacity "visionaries". It has working with the composer Danny Elfman for every its film to leave from Pee-wee' s Big Adventure, except And Wood, in which has made use of some collaboration of Howard Shore, and in Sweeney Todd: The diabolical barber of Fleet Street. Besides its film intense activities also published a book titled The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy: and Other Stories. Been born at Burbank, California in 1958, prior to two sons of Bill and Jean Burton, during its childhood Tim finds shelter from the difficulty at home and to school in its imagination, stimulated from the frequent horror film film of sights and to low budget, to which will give back tribute more late in its film And Wood (biography of the producer Edward D. Wood Jr. interpreted from Johnny Depp) and tax to what some judged the peggior producer of the world. Another film figure important for Burton in its childhood is Vincent Price, whose filmography influences heavily its future career of producer.

After the high school wins a scholarship of the Disney to study the California Institute of the Arts to Valencia, California. Here it fascinates at the animation, beginning to study the character animation. To the Cal Arts meets the future companion work Henry Selick, the one that will be then chosen from Burton for the direction of Nightmare Before Christmas, with which gives life from immediately to a large friendship and to a solid working association.

After three years of studies proposition from the Walt comes Disney Studios like novice guiding spirit. The first film that works is the adaptation enlivened De The Mister of the Rings of Ralph Bakshi, for which not figure, however, in the credits. Subsequently Burton works to the department designers for the feature film of animation Red and Toby nemiciamici, that nevertheless did not reflect absolutely his suctions and his expectations. Its drawings and his proposals do not come accepted from the Disney, since, according to what affirmed more late from the same Burton, the appearance that he had given to the characters was distant from the usual tender appearance of the characters of the cardboard enlivened. During its permanence in the business of Mouse Burton is not pleased, even if is during these years that begins to write and to draw the illustrations on that will be based, years after, its famous Nightmare Before Christmas. Seen that its continuous work not to collect esteem, leaves the studios disneyani in 1982, but come assigned him 60,000 dollars to realize a short, in which tests for the first time the technology of the stoplight motion: Vincent, that recounts the story of a child that dream to be Vincent Price. The short one comes appreciated from the critic, winning two prizes to the Festival Film Chicago and one, that of the just critic, to the Festival of Animation of Annecy in 1983.

Subsequently it obtains from the Disney the financings for the production of Frankenweenie (1984), in which the Californian producer transforms the story of Mary Shelley in a story for children.
In 1985 Burton it turns its first feature film, Pee-wee' s Big Adventure, to which follows, three years after, Beetlejuice - Goblin porcello, that obtains a greater one happened, thanks also to the rich cast, composed from Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin and Michael Keaton. The film wins a prize Oscar, that for the best make-up. In 1989 Burton it turns one of more famous its film, Batman, with Michael Keaton in the role dell' man-bat, Jack Nicholson in that of the fierce hostile Joker and Kim Basinger. The songs that do from soundtrack of the film I am of Prince. The film transposition of the dark balloon is suited to the style of Burton, and in fact the operation itself yourselves it appreciated it to the public, also to the composed one from fascinated some original balloon, that remain satisfied some film. Thanks also to the success of this film, Burton melt the Tim Burton Production. The first coproduction to which participates the same Burton is scissor of hands Edward (1990), in which Burton throws the débutant Johnny Depp, supported from Winona Ryder.

The successive film sees of new protagonist Batman, and is Batman - The return (1992), always with Michael Keaton, supported this time from Danny De Vito in the role of the bad one The penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer, in the garments of Catwoman. This second episode receives a slightly inferior welcome to that of the first one, but itself yourselves it it however a success.

In the salt it goes out subsequently Tim Burton' s Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), better known simply like Nightmare Before Christmas, that sees protagonists of the puppets realized from the same Burton, that produces alone the film, directed by Henry Selick, realized with the technical stoplight motion already tested from the producer.

But the fantasy of the producer does not indicate to lower, and churns out other film from the dark tones to him congenial: And Wood (1994), from the biographical tones, Mars Attacks! (1996), a surrealistic comedy with Jack Nicholson and Pierce Brosnan, The mystery of Sleepy Hollow (1999), with Johnny Depp and Curly Christina.

All these film reach a best happened at the stand-office, electing the "visionary" Tim Burton to champion of the cinema fantasy.
In 2001, Burton was pledged with the remake of a milestone stone of the cinema of science fiction, The planet of the monkeys, with Tim Roth, in which was able to exploit fully all the actual creativity.

In 2003 suitable for the large screen Big Fish - The stories of an incredible life, with Ewan McGregor, a story that it is removed for a time from the typical dark and gloomy tones of the filmography of Burton, to enter in a completely surrealistic atmosphere and colored. The film receives an excellent verification from public and critic, and for a long time comes considered its masterpiece.

In 2005 it goes out The factory of chocolate, instigator to the story The factory of chocolate of Roald Dahl, that already had been transposed to the cinema in 1971 (Willy Wonka and the factory of chocolate, of Mel Stuart), even if Burton always affirmed to be entirely be remaked to the book and not to the previous film. In the role of Willy Wonka, that in the amatissima version of 1971 was of Gene Wilder, Burton chose its "actor-fetish" Johnny Depp.

In 2005 it has besides realized a new feature film with the technology of the animation stoplight motion, like the previous Nightmare Before Christmas, titled The bride body, directed together to Mike Johnson, with the shouting of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Casing and Christopher Lee.

The producer directed the musical video of the piece Bones I discuss from the album Sam' s Town (October 2006) of the The Killers. The choice was carried out later on to the difference of the initial idea that saw how chosen Read My Mind of the same album.

To the Show of the Cinema of Venice 2007 received the Lion of gold to the career, the prize never had been given to a so young producer.

Sweeney Todd: The diabolical barber of Fleet Street, screen adaptation of the famous musical of Broadway, is gone out in the Italian salt February 22 2008. Burton already for some time had demonstrated the desire of to direct a film based on this musical sin from the times of the collaboration with the Warner Bros., with that already had begun a project, then ended in the nothing. The producer has entrusted still a time to Johnny Depp for the role from protagonist, the barber gunman Sweeney Todd.
In the February 2006, in an interview Burton denied the shouting on sequel of some its film like Beetlejuice 2, scissor of hands Edward 2 and Nightmare Before Christmas 2. In the same occasion it has however expressed a strong interest in the to realize a film based on Edgar Allan Poe in the near future.

In the November 2007, Burton signed a contract with the Disney for direct two films of animation. The first sara' a revisitation in motion capture of Anchovy in Wonderland, that sara' finished within the May 2008, and a remake of Frankenweenie with the technical stoplight motion. Besides dirigera' The Spook apprentice, I discuss from a story of josedh Delaney, that tells of an adolescent that dream to become an exorcist. Tim Burton affirmed to be very interested to do a screen adaptation of the known one eats D. Gray-man. It was married with the artist German Soothes Gieseke from 1989 to 1991. Subsequently it had a long connection with the actress American worn out Marie from 1992 to 2001. At present from 2001 it has a connection with the British actress Helena Bonham Casing, that often participated a lot its films, how long have known on the set De The planet of the monkeys. With her it had also a son, Billy-Ray (been born October 4 2003), and a daughter, Indian Roses (born December 15 2007).

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