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Robert Redford
Charles Robert Redford Jr. (Santa Monica, 18 August 1937) is an actor and American producer. Been born in the district of Holy Monica to Los Angeles (California), Redford crebbe in the Spanish district in the part west of the town. Mars, its mother, was a housewife, its father was an irish milkman of origin, very religious.

During the fifties the father lavorò like accountant for the industry Standard Oil and the family is transferred in a district of the middle class in the San Fernando Valley.
Little time after, to its mother a cancer was diagnosed. Redford go through to those times a period of rebellion. Nevertheless, it loved to tell stories and to draw. A trip to the National Park of Yosemite imprinted him an intense love for the nature, that influences a lot its film.

In 1955 its mother it died at 41 years of age. Redford left the studies in 1956 and left for Italy and for the France, to experience the life bohemienne of an artist. Rientrò, disappointed, in 1957 and began to drink like never. During the same year conobbe Lola, an university one of the utah, with that began a connection than ebbe a positive influence over he. They stop drinking and in 1958 itself iscrisse to the Prat Institut of New York for study art. It is interested of script and it followed the advice to study performance to know it of more of theater. Never it had been attracted from the occupation of actor, but the experience the piacque. In 1958 it is married with Lola and the following year was born its son Scott, that died suddenly little months after. In the same one year of its professors it entrusted him its first role to Broadway. In 1960 it began to work in television, in the serious Playhouse 90, and subsequently in Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock presents and To The boundaries of the reality. Because of that, its father arrived to say them: "Because you do not find yourself really a work?"

In 1960 Redford and its wife ebbero a daughter, Shauna, and in 1962 again a son, James, Jaime said. During these years bought a lot in the Utah, where built a residence. The third daughter, Amy, was born in 1970.
In 1962 Redford ottenne its first part in a film for the cinema, Hunts of war, of Denis Sanders. Later on it returned to recite Broadway, nell' on foot nude work in the park, directed by Mike Nichols, which wanted the participation of Redford, after to have the visa in television. This theatrical work transformed it in a star of Broadway. It was the perfect springboard verse Hollywood, where ottenne a contract in 1964. Nevertheless in its first four film, The rebel, The human jury, hopeless Situation and Property condemned, secondary ottenne roles and not the valsero a noteworthy success.

In 1966 Redford it is transferred in Spain, always to the search for a different style of life, but in the same year offered him a role like protagonist in the film version of on foot nude in the park, that was a big success. In the successive years it recited in varied film that they consolidated it like actor of prestige and also like star of Hollywood, the first one of which, Butch Cassidy, with Paul Newman, with which liked immediately.

Other film of success had been The stone that burns, How we were, with Barbra Streisand, for the direction of its friend Sidney Pollack and The blow, that ottenne 7 prizes Oscar and thanks to which Redford ottenne its first nomination like actor protagonist. On the it skis of these two film, also the successive one The large Gatsby, of 1974, ebbe a considerable success.

Now definitive consacratosi like an of the greater stars of the American cinema of those years, in 1976 recited in All of the men of the president with Dustin Hoffman. The film, that retraces the journalistic question that gave the road to the scandal Watergate, ottenne you are nomination to the Oscar, included that for the best film. It was the first one of a series of film in which Robert Redford interpreted more times characters that in varied manner put themselves against the wrongnesses of the political system or economical: besides the already cited All of the men of the president, you suffice to remember THE three days of the condor, The electric knight, Brubaker. Subsequently it participated to a third film of large success, winner of quite 7 statuettes, included also that for the best film, my Africa, always of Pollack, with Meryl Streep, turned in 1985, year in which it is separated from Lola.

Redford created also an its personal movie studio, the Wildwood Enterprises, whose first film produced was The spericolati (1969), of Michael Ritchie. Like producer, Redford followed immediately an important trajectory, with film that the valsero the recognition for the professionalism and happened of public. In 1980 it begins with ordinary People, that critical ottenne very good and happened of collections, and that been worth him the like best oscar producer. Other Ottenne three Oscar, one for the better actor not protagonist (Timothy Hutton), one for the script and one like best film.

Redford directed also Milagro, a bucolic and fantastic film in which itself riflette its love for the nature and the country life, however not ebbe a significant success. In 1992 it directed in the middle it runs the river, that discusses some conversation between parents and sons, a subject recurring in its life, I continue then from Question Show, that ottenne good critics, even if a meager success to the ticket offices and that been worth him its second nomination to the like best Oscar producer.

In 1998 it is the time of THE MAN that I whisper to the horses, based on the story of Nicholas Evans; in 2000 directed The legend of Bagger Vance and in 2007 Lions for lambs.
Redford created in 1990 an important film institute, the Sundance Institute, in its properties in the Utah. The name is had to to that of its character in the film Butch Cassidy, that is "Sundance Kid", Got ahead this enterprise although did not meet support. Its institute subsidy new promises of the cinema with expenditures paid for 4 weeks, supplies professors, technical material and consultancy of large professionals. To the institute the famous Festival Film Sundance, that has uncovered it is connected and thrown numerous independent producers like Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez, Jim Jarmusch and James Wan. In 1977 Redford scrisse a book of statement on the American west verse expansion, The Outlaw Trail. Combatté with success against the construction of a power station in the Utah, that been worth him numerous threats.
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