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The History of Cinema
In 1898, in conjurer Georges Meliés's Parisian study, one friend of his of Lione, August Lumière, invites the magician to an unusual representation, the photo in movement. It is the first time that Meliés assists to a cinema show and remains amazed of it. The cinema was born, an invention destined to revolutionize the culture, the industry of the show and the dreams of the whole society of the XX century. August Lumière, that he works with his brother Louis, knows well that its prodigious invention is not a purely scientific fact, but it can become a popular show for a vast public. Always in Paris his brothers rent a place, in Boulevard des Capucines, and on the road it sets a kind of manifesto on which Cinématographe Lumière is written - Entry a frank.Shortly time a curious public crowds in front of the entry of the Salon. The images in movement are an extraordinary surprise for everybody. Nothing to whether to do with the photo.A journalist comes to say that it is a kind of resurrection, because a dead person can be seen again, long live, that stirs, that laughs, that plays. The people he realizes that the invention of the Cinématographe Lumière is a discovery that will have an enormous echo.The scene of the train that enters the station de you Ciotat, impresses by now the spectators of the whole world: the public is terrorized seeing a locomotive that advances in the foreground and it seems to overwhelm it.
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