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Reggaeton is a type of dance that has had a great success in the last ten years. To be more exact Reggaeton is a genre of music with its own type of dance called Perreo, from perro (which is dog in Spanish ). I found out about it two years ago, when it had already spread all over the world. Reggae ton is called in different ways, depending on the country where it is danced. For instance it is called Cuba ton in Cuba where it was influenced by Salsa, or it is called Dem Bow (which in slang means “they are subordinated”) in Portorico with some hip hop influence. Reggaeton started in South America from a mix between reggae, hip hop and dancehall. In the 70s the reggae developed in Jamaica while hip hop started spreading in New York. Then in 1995 a new beat was born in Portorico , mixing these genres, and it was called Reggaeton. Plus, Reggaeton had an explosion in 2004 with “Gasolina” from Daddy Yankee, one of the most popular Reggaeton singers.Reggaeton is danced in couples,although I have never danced it with a partner. Usually the woman is in front of the man with her back to him, in this way they dance making sensual movements. It is a dance for young people mainly, where your body is completely out of control, transported by the continuous captivating beat, it’s impossible to stay still. It is practiced without limits and when you dance it you must be sexy, natural and relaxed. In other words Reggaeton is a very passionate dance. Nevertheless I have learnt to dance it in a less sensual way, because Reggaeton has been adapted to my culture as we aren’t ready yet to accept it as it should be danced. One thing is sure that: )If I had been born in Cuba or in another country of South America, I might have known another ways of dancing Reggaeton.
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