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Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando, Jr. (Omaha, 3 April 1924 – Los Angeles, 1 July 2004) was an American actor.

Ricevette eight candidacies to the oscar (that it is awarded two times, refusing itself however a time of to withdraw the statuette in mark of protest against the unjustices towards the ethnic minorities); its filmography counts just a fist of masterpieces and a lot of participations to not unforgettable film: in all little more of a group of forty.
Although that, it was a between the greater stars of the Hollywood film world and generally it is recognized like one of the better interpreters of the story of the cinema. Brando debuts just twenty-year-old in theater to Broadway in 1944 in the sweet comedy-bitter The Remember Mama; just dall was gone out' Actor' s I Study of Lee Strasberg, but the theatrical success would be connected him quite soon, in 1947, with the interpretation of Stanley Kowalski in the theatrical work A streetcar that it is called Desire of Tennessee Williams. He will interpret the same role for the large screen in 1951 in the homonymous film directed by Elijah Kazan, in couple with Vivien Leigh. The debut like actor of cinema (an actor that will be revealed very much versatile), Brando had had it the first year, in Men (1950) of Fred Zinneman.

The roles of Emiliano will come then Zapata in Alive Zapata! (1952, that him farewell the Prix of interprétation masculine to the festival of Cannes), still of Elijah Kazan, I Mark Antonio in Giulio Caesar (1953) of Joseph Mankiewicz, and that of a rebel in motorcycle (also he a "rebel without to causes" like that of James Dean) of it The savage (1954), directed by Laszlo Benedek.

In the same year it interprets the part of Terry Malloy in its film remained perhaps more well-known, Front of the port, that the varrà the first Oscar to the best actor.

For its interpretation in these film, otterrà for three consecutive years, 1952, 1953, 1954, the prize as best BAFTA actor international. For Marlon the consecration arrives with Sayonara (1957) and The young lions (1958). With The two hemes of the revenge, Brando lands to the direction for a western outside from the lines. Of it The mutineers of the Bounty (1962), Brando, that interprets the legendary character of the first official Fletcher Christian by the side of Trevor Howard, outlines definitive the special strokes of the Hollywood star, bearer of a dark and theatrical style. In 1963 it participates in the gear for the civil right, some sosterranno that this its alliance influences negative on its career. After The countess of Hong Kong (1967), the figure of Sword seems time to the sunset, when Gillo Pontecorvo the writing for the role of the protagonist in the film Queimada. Brando takes on a new role, the gloomy man of half hour disillusioned et. And signature three characters that rimarranno also you are imprinted in the story of the cinema: Paul in Last tango to Paris, Don Vito Corleone of it The Godfather and the with the. Kurtz in Apocalypse Now (1979) of Francis Ford Coppola. Paul, protagonist of Last tango to Paris, a man of half hour et than riflette on its frustrations and on its failures (c' the maid, in the beginning of the film that recalling the life of its employer does not do other that to recall the career of Sword). A man broken, and with a large desire to zero the actual life. A torment that meets not little parallels in its life real. It remains unforgettable its monolog facing the bed of the dead wife. With this film, Brando was denounced in Italy together to Maria Schneider for competition in obscene show and ottenne another candidacy to the oscar. Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather), instead an elderly man, the progenitor of a family mafia member, an almost static figure, with the I turn some actor distorted from a pair of big wads of padding set to the inside of the mouth, with a cryptic look, in which it is contained all of the mystery and the omert of the mafia. The with the. Kurtz reached instead its "point of disruption" and if goes of it in the jungle to do the demigod, venerated from thousands of savages. Here still the I turn to recite a fundamental role. Brando completely shaved to zero, the I turn perpetually in half-light, to give it a divine essence, almost abstract. Like a synthesis between l' former-boxer Paul and the Boss Don Vito, Kurtz voted to the self-destruction. And also here c' a parallelism with the life of Sword: hence in then not to make memorable pi roles, for via above all of its unfortunate familiar events. For Superman (1978), in which interpreted the role of Jor-El, father of the popular supereroe, Brando percep a huge capsule to recite in alone little minutes of film. And in this role of the "cameo" Brando is banished until the remainder of its days, now demotivato like actor and gained weight to excess. Farewell however the trouble of to cite still an its interpretation from protagonist in the film Don Juan De I Mark teacher of love of 1995. Its last film The been Score of 2001, by the side of Robert De Niro. Rimarr however in the story for its glamour irresistible its rebel manners and a presumption that alone in little can allow themselves. Actual for its interpretation in the film The Godfather, Brando won another Oscar but, sole case in the story of the cinema together to that of the actor George C. Scott, prefer to renounce the statuette: the actor, that in the meanwhile is approached to the cause of the Native Americans, you send a young Indian squaw to hold in its the place a speech of statement and of protest against the Hollywood environment; years after it is known that in realt the girl is not a true native, but an actress.

The attitude (still a rebel time, that it is supposed the film establishment him subsequently would not have pardoned) not the sbarr the road, the successive year, for a new nomination: note that for Last tango to Paris.
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