Care of the Refrigerator

Same ways other electro-domestics are taken care of, that should be the exact way a refrigerator must be cared for at home.
Daily cleaning:
- wipe off any split food.
- remove any stale food.
- arrange items neatly on the shelves.
- wipe over the outside of the refrigerator with a soft non-fluffy cloth and warm soapy water.

Special cleaning

At least a fortnight the refrigerators should be given special cleaning as follows:
- switch or turn off the refrigerator.

- remove everything from the refrigerator including foods, racks, trays, etc.

- wash racks, trays and shelves in warm, soapy water.

- rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with clean non-fluffy cloth.

- clean the inside of the refrigerator with soft cloth and warm water.

- rinse the inside thoroughly and wipe dry.

- clean the outside of the refrigerator with clean soft cloth and soapy water.

- rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry.

- replace racks, trays and other parts and switch on the refrigerator.

- replace the food items when the refrigerator is cool enough.

- follow manufacturer's instructions on operation of the freezer, placement of food in the freezer, defrosting of the freezer, cleaning of the freezer.

- study the instructional handbook carefully.

- do not throw away the instructional handbook.

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