Concrete floor is common. It is made of a mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water.

Advantages of concrete floor:
1) it is strong and hard-wearing.
2) it is durable and does not wear out easily.
3) it is suitable for every area and every part of the home.
4) it is easy to clean. It can be washed.
5) it can be painted into different colours.

1) it is more expensive than other traditionally made floors.
2) it can be slippery.

Care of concrete floor:
Concrete floor can be plain or painted. Each type requires different type of care.
• Plain concrete floor:
- sprinkle water lightly to keep down dust.
- sweep with broom or brush.

Weekly cleaning:
- sweep the floor
- scrub with warm soapy water, using a scrubbing brush.
- take a small portion is the floor at a time.
- scrub in a circular motion.
- wipe off dirty water.
- rinse with a clean cloth wrung out in a clean water. Mop dry.

• Painted concrete floor
Daily cleaning:
- sprinkle water lightly on the floor.
- sweep with good broom or brush.

Weekly cleaning:
- sweep the floor.
- wash with soft cloth. Do not use a brush.
- wipe off dirty water. Wipe dry.
- when the floor is properly dry, apply a little wax polish.
- run the plush thoroughly.

Vinyl tiled floor and protection
Vinyl tiles are plastic tiles. They can be made in a variety of colours. They are fixed to the floor with suitable adhesives.

1) it is cheaper than other floors for example ceramic and terrazzo.
2) It is warm to the feet.
3) it is easy to keep clean.
4) it can be very attractive.

- it is not as hard-wearing as ceramic and terrazzo floors.
- it can be destroyed by heat.

Care of Vinyl tiled floor
Daily cleaning:
- sweep with a soft broom or brush.

Weekly cleaning:
- sweep the floor.
- clean with soapy water and floor cloth. Wring out excess water.
- clean a small portion at a time. Dry thoroughly.
- avoid pouring water on vinyl floor. This causes the tiles to peel off.
- vinyl floor can be polished with special tile polish.
- wipe off any water or stain from the floor as soon as they occur.

Most times protections are used for vinyl floor which are carpets and rugs
Laying the carpet or rugs:
1) Proper laying off the carpet or rug is necessary for maximum durability.
2) A carpet should have some form of "under lay". This is any material placed on the floor before the placement of carpets. Materials for underlay include thin-layer foam, old carpet, old newspapers etc. The underlay has the following uses:

- to remove any unevenness on the floor.
- to help the carpet wear better. That is prolong its life.
- to make the carpet feel soft and luxurious.
- to provide an extra layer of heat and sound insulation.

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