Wool is one special material that needs special care before and during the moment of washing. Most times people underestimate the recommendations on the label of clothes that they buy in a boutiques and supermarket. To sew wool there are certain steps to consider to avoid damaging the fibre.

Guidelines for handling and sewing wool fabrics:
1. Cut with suitable sharp pair of scissors.

2. Use silk or elastic thread because wool fabric stretches.

3. Do not see wool tightly, in order to give room for the elasticity of the fabric.

4. Do not use fine stitches on heavy fabrics.

5. Finish the raw edges of loosely-woven woollen fabrics properly because they tend to fray.

6. Use suitable edge finish for each type of fabric. For instance do lot use edge stitching for heavy fabrics. It will be too bulky. Use over-sewing.

Guidelines on laundering of wool:
1. Wool is weak when wet and should therefore be handled carefully during laundry.

2. Use mild soap or soap flakes. Avoid harsh synthetic detergent.

3. Wash in lukewarm water.

4. Give wool the gentlest wash by squeezing the article in soap solution. Do not rub. Rubbing or friction causes wool to felt.

5. Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

6. Do not lift the article from water because they water can cause it to loose its shape.

7. Remove excess water by gently squeezing with hand. Do not twist or wring.

8. Roll the article in a large clean towel.

9. Dry the article on flat clean surface and away from direct heat or sunlight. Hanging woollen heavy garments on alone causes them to lose shape.

10. Press, if necessary, with warm iron, with damp cloth.

11. Avoid the use of chlorine bleach on wool.

12. Avoid prolonged exposure of woollen articles to sunshine.

13. Wool fabrics with special finishes are better dry-cleaned.

14. Always study the care label if available before laundering or dry cleaning.

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