Teenagers and computer technology

Teenagers have never lived without technology and they find it easy and quite ordinary to surf the Net, to download the music they like, not to mention, to use a mobile phone. Obviously, they use the phone also to take photos, videos and to send all kinds of messages.
At school they learn to work online and they use Google to find lots of information so that studying involves doing research and finding original documents on the Internet.
Moreover, any teenager knows how to use Messenger, a program which makes it possible to run several conversations as the same time, which is not possible on the phone!
But that's not all! Some teens have created their own blog where they give some advice to other teens about the use of technological devices. This is the case of teentechblog "Helping Teens with Tech", which is a site written a teens for teens, where young people can find lots of news and reviews in the confusing world of technology.
Finally, more and more sites have been created with the aim of giving teens pratical information by means of videos: in some cases, you can really say that the Internet has taken the place of books. Above all, teenagers can take advantage of the presence of online video like "Make-Up for Teens" , "Make-Up Tips" or "Fashion Drawing for Beginners" as well as workshops about beauty and style sitting comfortably at home.
In conclusion, technology represents a source that is going to improve the lifestyle of future generations.
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