Are you a mobile addict?

Answer: Yes, I am./ No, I am not.

Ninety percent of British kids own a mobile phone, and about one million British people spend five hours a day on their mobile. Among these, about twenty-five percent of people use their mobiles in the bath. Also in the classroom, there are many students that never switch off their mobile. And even many guys chat on their mobile during a date.

Some people are so obsessed with their mobiles that they can't talk face to face without checking their phone or looking at messages. Some experts think that the new mobile culture is causing family problems. In fact, there is a mother that tells as her son, spends all his pocket money to send messages to his friends. Meanwhile, there is another parent that speaks about her daughter and he tells about that her daughter don't communicate with parents, because she spends all the time with her phone.

By the mobile you can arrange meetings, but if they're canceled, they leave you there alone, or you can finish relationships by phone.

Using their mobile while driving is more dangerous of when driving after you have drunk. Another danger is that related to the effects of radiation. The nervous system of the teens is sensitive to radiation because it's still developing.

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