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Third Reich-live and study

The Nazis took the life of each citizen and the Germans agreed to give up their freedom in return for an apparent improvement of economic conditions. The scheme succeeded in reducing unemployment (from six million in 1933 to a million in 1937) due to the massive public works, such as the building of highways, and massive contracts and grants to private industry for war production. Wages were low, but they were partly offset by the price drop. Trade union rights were suppressed, but the introduction of some social services, such as health care and pensions, workers gave the illusion of improvement. The recreation of the Germans was organized with recreational activities and propaganda.
In the Kraft durch Freude ("strength through joy") brought together leisure associations that organized excursions, shows, sports activities.

Hitlerian Youth

More than the school and the family Nazism entrusted the education of young Germans to the Organization of the "Hitler Youth". Six of eighteen children of both sexes were enrolled in different groups of this vast paramilitary type Organization (in imitation, i.e. of the army).Parents who prevented children to take part were sentenced, by law, to heavy penalties.
Six to ten year old children made an apprenticeship before joining the Hitler youth. Had a personal book on which were recorded progress in sport and learning of the Nazi doctrine. In ten years, after passing an examination of athletics, camping, history came to be part of the "young people". At the age of fourteen he properly entered the Hitler Youth. At eighteen, young people chose between the work required and the army. The girls of eighteen instead were on farms, in order to perform one year of obligatory work.

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