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It is said that in recent years, technology has rapidly expanded. With new mobile phones, computers and Internet, people have easy and fast access to the information; They can easily communicate. Therefore technology is a great facility.
On the other hand, it may seem paradoxical, but the technology has made us only more lonely and more stupid. Having internet always on hand decreases significantly our memory, copy homeworks online does not make us develop certain skills, so that we will always need a connection. We would be lost without.
Also, many people prefer to use the internet rather to meet each other. Internet kills our real social life, the one made of meetings, hugs and words. Spoken, not written. Then, It is killing the writing and our language.
We use increasingly abbreviations and emoticons, which limits our language. In a normal conversation, the words begin to shorten. And so our language becomes poorer.
At this rate, we will not get out of the house and we will make also electronic dogs.

I personally think that you should rediscover things really nice. You should go to a concert or to sing a song with friends, not download music on itunes. We should learn the old recipes and reopen the kitchen, instead of buying frozen pizzas and warm them in the microwave. We should start again to paint, draw, write a book, without doing it for work but because we love it.
It would be great.

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