Technology addiction?

From the basic to the most complex devices, communication has become more and more technological in our daily life. It technology was born to help people in their work, which has become faster and more efficient, nowadays it is not only useful, but also necessary in most human activities. Of course, technology has made communication easier and even more fun: to keep in contact with your friends and relativities you can use the phone, write an email or even chat on the Internet.
When the mobile phones didn't exist, people simply didn't need them! But now If you leave your mobile phone at home or if you lose it, you feel lost and sometimes even disperate.
Of course, it is much more practical, but whi has it become such a necessary element in our life? Teenagers have grown up in a very technological time and they use technology above all to have fun. For example, they chat online to meet new friends, they eatch films in DVD and all of them have an mp3 player, which makes it possible to bring their favourite music and videos with them, wherever they are.

However, technology isn't always good: lots of peopel have become shy and introvert maybe because they lack proper contact with others. The new forms of communication have somehow replaced face-to-face conversation: they have turned out to be more immediate and appealing, and they have changed the way people relate to each other.

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